Your Help is NeededHelp San Bruno Students That Are Most Impacted By School Closures

This global pandemic does not impact all students equally. As San Bruno schools move to distance learning for the remainder of the school year, it has become clear that some of our students are at a huge disadvantage. Many of our school families lack internet and devices they can use to connect with their teachers and to access online learning materials. Students in these circumstances are likely to quickly fall behind their classmates academically. 

The San Bruno Education Foundation is proud to have partnered with the City of San Bruno, San Bruno Park School District, YouTube, San Bruno Community Foundation, San Bruno Lions, San Bruno Rotary and San Bruno Police Association to quickly provide equipment and internet service for these vulnerable students. Read the press release here.


While this partnership will help students for the remainder of the school year, the fact is that our world is moving online, and our classrooms are no different. When the COVID-19 crisis ends and students return to real-world classrooms, our families will need ongoing support for technology and internet access so no student gets left behind. Our teachers will also need new skill sets and technology platforms to unlock the full potential of 21st century education. That’s why we are asking our community to step up to help us fund long-term remote learning resources beyond the COVID-19 crisis.

How You Can Help

If 250 of our families contributed just $10 a month, we will be able to sustainably incorporate this initiative into our ongoing, yearly support for 21st century schools. A one-time donation of $120 will help us achieve this goal, as well. If you have the means, please donate today..

Learn more about the different ways your support is helping to enrich education for ALL San Bruno students.


GuideStar Seal Of Transperancy

We are proud to have earned the GuideStar Gold Seal of Transparency. Please meet our board, review our annual report and contact us directly with any questions or concerns. Together, we are one community supporting our schools and we appreciate your support.

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