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We believe our public schools should be filled with a balance of core academics and enrichment opportunities that fuel our children’s desire to learn. Math and music. Science and art. History and technology. A well rounded education that meets the needs of our modern world consists of all of these things. The current public education system does not provide the funding for the supplemental enrichment opportunities that we want to inspire our children. It is on us (the parents and the community) to make it happen. These are our schools and our community.

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Our Mission

We are committed to supporting quality enrichment programs such as music, art, STEM and staff professional development that will inspire our students to grow and become life-long learners.

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The San Bruno Education Foundation was founded in 2005 and has experienced significant growth in the last several years. The key initiatives we have funded include music, STEAM, GATE, professional development, coding clubs, forgeign language support, field trips and more.

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California children receive $1,000 less in annual funding per student than the national average. By coming together as a community, we can help close this gap. Donate today to help us raise the critical funds needed to support the education that we want for our children.

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