FAQ #11: What Is SBEF’s Lego Robotics Program?

In spring 2022, SBEF launched afterschool Lego Robotics Clubs at our elementary schools, and we are happy to report the program has been a great success!

John Muir Elementary first started a Lego Robotics Club for its 4th and 5th graders in Fall 2021, and SBEF was able to replicate the program at our other four elementary schools, with the help of our wonderful school principals and numerous community volunteers. Sixty-one students at Allen, Belle Air, Rollingwood and Portola participated in the program in spring 2022, and over 80 participated from all our elementary schools this school year.

This past week, on Feb. 22, SBEF held its inaugural Lego Robotics Competition, where students from all our elementary schools’ Lego Robotics Clubs could participate in various challenges. Over 70 students from the program learned about STEM and working together as a group, met other 5th graders, and had fun! 

The Lego Robotics program follows the First Lego League curriculum, which is geared towards empowering 4th-8th graders through meaningful, collaborative experiences. Students work in teams to design, build and program their robots to complete missions; along the way, they apply the values of discovery, innovation, impact, teamwork, inclusion and, of course, fun!

SBEF could not have carried out this initiative without the resources and support from our generous partners including:

  • Michelle Grau, engineering and robotics coach at Hillsborough’s Nueva School, who provides training for our club supervisors on her own time.
  • The principals at our elementary schools who worked with us to establish the clubs at their schools. We especially want to thank John Muir Principal Michelle Graham for offering support as we replicated John Muir’s program at the other schools.
  • Artichoke Joe‘s and matching community donors for helping SBEF support the Lego Robotics Competition
  • SBEF volunteers, Kingsley Ma and Lorin Lee, who planned and ran the competition
  • The community volunteers who took time out of their busy schedules to serve as supervisors and instructors for the Lego Robotics Clubs in the 2021-22 school year: The volunteers were Caroline Cannizzaro and Heather Latta (Allen), Marty Medina (Belle Air), Michelle Grau (John Muir), Bryan Vander Lugt (Rollingwood) and Kingsley Ma (Portola).
  • The instructors for the Lego Robotics Club this school year: Paige Bauer (Allen), Heaven Masuno and Amy Roberts (Belle Air), Spencer Graham (John Muir), Joseph Hoyer (Portola), and Matt Wilkinson (Rollingwood).

SBEF is looking forward to continuing our afterschool Lego Robotics program and hosting competitions in future school years!