Seven Parkside 8th Graders Receive Scholarships for DC Trip

SBEF is happy to report that seven 8th grade students at Parkside were able to receive full scholarships for the school’s Washington DC trip this spring!

Thanks to a generous grant from the San Bruno Community Foundation and additional funds from SBEF, these students – who otherwise couldn’t afford the trip – were able to join other classmates to experience this incomparable learning opportunity to visit U.S. historical sites and witness our government in action.

From seeing the Constitution and Declaration of Independence in real life to learning about the importance of respecting religious and cultural differences at the Holocaust Memorial Museum, each student had a meaningful experience on their trip and was truly grateful for the opportunity. 

Hear more about the students’ experiences in their own words:

“My scholarship -funded 8th grade trip to Washington D.C. was an enriching and memorable experience that I will forever cherish. From visiting the Holocaust Memorial, walking out more enlightened and educated, exploring the Capitol, visiting Jamestown, seeing silversmiths, blacksmiths, and seeing how people made a daily living, going from Virginia to Washington and visiting cool museums was such a special once-in-a-lifetime experience…However, the most memorable aspect of the trip was the impactful and meaningful friendships I formed with my classmates…This trip was truly a transformative and unforgettable experience that broadened my perspective and deepened my appreciation for our country and its history.”

“In Washington DC I learned about a lot of things, but the thing that stuck with me the most was what I learned about the Holocaust. The Holocaust Museum showed me how Jewish people were treated. I saw what they went through and I read about people’s stories…The moment we entered the museum, a sudden wave of sadness went over everyone. No one ran, laughed, or talked. My class was usually very loud and in a good mood. Yet one building completely changed everyone”. 

“This scholarship was important for me because it allowed me to see history first-hand. For example, when going to the National Archives Museum, I had the joy and fortune of seeing very important documents for the history of this country, such as the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of the Confederation, among others, which made me consider this place as a kind of temple of American history. I must also say that I felt emotional when observing these documents, such as the Declaration of Independence and remembering what I had previously studied and the value of the meaning of this very valuable document. Something similar happened to me when I saw a document that had the 13th amendment, because I had already done work on it and knew that thanks to it, slavery was abolished.”

“Thanks to [this scholarship], I had the opportunity to embark on an unforgettable trip where I visited museums, the U.S. Capitol, caught a glimpse of the front of the White House, and created many unforgettable friendships. It’s an amazing experience that I encourage many upcoming 8th graders to go on. It provides independence, education, and also a fun time.”

“I am an eighth grade student at Parkside close to graduating, and history is one of my favorite subjects. Since I have not spent much time in this country, this trip helped me understand more about the culture and past that this country has.”