2014 Grants

Back in February, we asked our 7 Principals – from Parkside, Allen, Belle Air, El Crystal, John Muir, Portola, and Rollingwood – to submit an itemized grant request to us explaining how your money will be used support instruction of their students in core curriculum, music, art, and/or technology.

Parkside was granted $3000 to replace their 1950’s basketball hoops and backboards that were rusting, bent, and barely functional. Updating those backboards and hoops will complete the restoration of their play area.

Allen was granted $2200 to support their award-winning Academic Music Program teaches music, and math problem solving through music, which is fun for all their K-5 children, and has shown impressive results with their English learners and economically disadvantaged students.

Belle Air was granted $2200 to revitalize their iPod reading program, known as Audio Book Belle Air, or aBBA. This program has provided great value to children struggling to read at their grade level, many of whom are also English learners and economically disadvantaged students.

El Crystal, San Bruno’s STEM school, was granted $2200 for early learning books, and Lego robotics kits.

John Muir was granted $2200 to augment their impressive classroom technology refresh program.

Portola was granted $2200 to replace their outdated LCD projectors with Apple TV compatible LED projectors.

In 2013, we began a new effort where SBEF offered an extra $1000 grant to the school with the greatest number of donations (of ANY amount) from friends and families (with unique addresses and emails) as a percentage of that school’s total student population. It was very close with every school only being only a few unique donors away from the prize, but the school with the most donors per student population was…

Rollingwood Elementary, who was granted $3200 to support their afterschool literacy intervention program to help children struggling to read at their grade level.