New Ways to Donate

We’re always looking for new ways to make it easier to support us, and we’ve recently added a few options on our Donate page that we want to highlight.

We’ve always accepted gifts via PayPal, which allows you to give directly from your bank account or from a credit card. We have recently enrolled in PayPal Giving Fund, which is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that is independent from PayPal—see the PayPal Giving Fund FAQ for more information.

When you give through our PayPal Giving Fund donation page, there are no fees assessed so we receive 100% of your donation. (At certain times of the year such as right now, in fact, they even add a little extra!)

You’ll notice that the Donate buttons on our website still point to the traditional donation method via PayPal, which removes a small fee from your gift. Though we prefer to receive your support through PayPal Giving Fund, we understand that many donors are familiar with PayPal and find it easier to use the traditional interface.

If you do want to make sure every last penny of your donation finds its way to us, however, we encourage you to give on our PayPal Giving Fund donation page.

Because we are now enrolled in the PayPal Giving Fund, we are now also included as a recognized charity in the the eBay for Charity database.

This allows you to contribute a portion of the proceeds from any eBay sale directly to the San Bruno Education Foundation, from 10% all the way up to 100%. To get started with this method, visit our eBay for Charity page.

Make sure to add us to the list of charities  you support!


For you techies out there, we didn’t forget about you—the San Bruno Education Foundation now accepts bitcoin!

BitPay donation page for San Bruno Education Foundation

While we’re not expecting a lot of support in the form of cryptocurrency, we think it’s important to signal that we embrace new technology and all of the possibilities it enables for us and the students we support. For example, this donation channel provides a way for us to accept 9 currencies and direct bank deposits from 38 countries—now that’s just cool!

Click on the 2D barcode to visit our bitcoin donation page, or scan it with any barcode scanner app on your smartphone to give using your mobile wallet.