San Bruno Teachers Receive Their New Laptops for Distance Learning

This year, the San Bruno Community Foundation generously donated $240,000 in grant funds to the San Bruno Education Foundation to purchase new laptop computers for all teachers in the San Bruno Park School District. 

These new laptops have been essential to helping teachers provide the best education possible for our students during distance learning. And when schools reopen, it’s important our teachers have the most current technology to unlock the full potential of a 21st century education.

Thank you to the San Bruno Community Foundation for their continued support of San Bruno schools, teachers and students during these challenging times!

The teachers received their new laptops this fall, and here’s what they had to say about them:

“I cannot tell you how much this new computer has made a difference! It has allowed me to use many programs that the old computer did not allow. An example of this is that I can now use breakout rooms in my Zoom class with my students. The old computers did not allow the updates for this. Also, it is a faster and easier-to-use device, which has made everything easier: teaching, planning, maneuvering through our curriculum websites…. I could go on and on! Thank you so much!”

— Jennifer Colter, second grade teacher at Belle Air Elementary

“Please thank SBEF and the Community Foundation for the new computer. I am really enjoying the new features, the speed, and the lightness of the MacBook. I find with distance learning, and not knowing if I am teaching from home for the day or in the classroom, that I have not had any connectivity issues, and all programs are running smoothly. I find this extremely beneficial because we are making assesments using online appointments, and the last thing needed would be a connection issue or a slow-running program not loading.” 

— Barbara Millett, kindergarten teacher at Portola Elementary

 “This new laptop has been a lifesaver this year! As the school year began online, it quickly became obvious that my current computer was just not up to the task of hosting zoom meetings with 40+ participants, sending out Polls for assessment data, and screen sharing important videos and slideshows. In fact, during those first weeks, it was not uncommon for my classroom meetings to crash upon sharing my screen, kicking me out of my own virtual classroom multiple times in a row! The kids were wonderfully understanding about it, but these interruptions severely impacted the flow of the lesson, as well as limited the tools and content that could be shared with the children.

This new laptop has been such an important aspect of my teaching this year: As an art teacher, it is imperative that I provide visual resources for students to observe, respond to, and discuss. The laptop provided by the district allows me to switch between applications quickly, share my screen throughout the entirety of class (with no interruptions), and even utilize a drawing tablet to annotate directly on the screen! The success of my entire teaching practice this year hinges on having a laptop that can load quickly, update when it needs to, and connect to external hardware. Thank you so much for supporting our students in their learning this school year!”

 — Emily Jingst, 6-8th grade art teacher, Parkside Intermediate