SBEF Gives Out Grocery Gift Cards to Families in Need During the Covid-19 Crisis

The Covid-19 crisis has reminded us all of the central role schools play in our community — not just as educational institutions but as centers of connection to critical resources that include meal support for our families.

During the school closures, the schools in San Bruno Park School District (SBPSD) have been serving about 375 meals twice each day, representing about 250-275 families. 

One grandparent of a SBPSD student realized that the families that depend on schools’ breakfast and lunch service might also be having a hard time providing meals for the rest of their family members — especially as businesses are closing and employees are being laid off during the County’s “Shelter in Place” order. 

This community member made a generous donation to the San Bruno Education Foundation (SBEF) to purchase gift cards to grocery stores to help these families in need buy extra groceries during these challenging times. 

On Thursday, SBEF Board members delivered 300 $25 vouchers, for local grocery store Mexicana Produce Market, to all six schools sites. The gift cards were given to families picking up lunches for their kids. Schools also distributed extra food to families during Thursday’s lunch service, since schools will be completely closed next week for spring break.

This campaign will not only help our most vulnerable families, but it also supports a fantastic local business, Mexicana Produce, and its employees.

Thanks to our concerned citizen for the generous donation, Mexicana Produce for printing 300 vouchers on short notice, and staff at our schools for distributing the gift cards and serving meals every day. This is another example of how our schools and our community are inextricably linked. 

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