SBEF Receives $25,000 Grant for STEM Programs

The San Bruno Education Foundation is pleased to announce it was awarded a $25,000 grant from the San Bruno Community Foundation this spring to help fund innovative science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) curricula in all of San Bruno’s public elementary and intermediate schools.

The new STEM initiative aims to empower San Bruno teachers and staff in their development of novel teaching methods based on Next Generation Science Standards, as well as cultivate creative problem-solving skills and technology competency in San Bruno students. Thank you to the San Bruno Community Foundation for selecting this important program for a grant award!

In order to successfully compete and contribute in our local economy, our children require an education that provides them with not only 21st century technological competence, but also creative team-based, problem-solving skills. Science, technology, engineering and math are increasingly recognized as critical core subjects for such an education.

SBEF has previously received grants from the San Bruno Community Foundation to establish San Bruno’s Strategic Music Education Initiative, a partnership between the SBEF, San Bruno Park School District and Capuchino High School Alumni Association.

Last fall, the SBEF raised $20,000 from community members and corporate sponsors such as YouTube, as part of a Giving Tuesday campaign, for STEM training for elementary school teachers and science supplies for Parkside classrooms.