Thank You to the San Bruno Community Foundation for Our Teacher’s New Laptops!

The San Bruno Education Foundation, our teachers and District staff would like to proclaim a huge THANK YOU to the San Bruno Community Foundation for funding new laptops for all teachers in the San Bruno Park School District this school year.

Last spring, the Community Foundation generously donated $240,000 in grant funding to SBEF to purchase new laptop computers for the District’s teachers, from preschool and kindergarten to 8th grade teachers.

These new laptops have been essential to helping teachers provide the best education possible for our students during distance and hybrid learning this school year. And when schools fully reopen, ensuring our teachers have the most current technology will help them unlock the full potential of a 21st century education.

Thank you to the San Bruno Community Foundation for their continued support of San Bruno schools, teachers and students during these challenging times!

Our teachers also send their appreciation for the new laptops:

“The laptops have been amazing this year. I no longer have to worry about things taking forever to load and download, which has definitely helped with planning and teaching this year remotely…These computers make me feel like I can take on the adventure of teaching in the 21st century. Thank you.”

— Andrea Nelson, 5th Grade, Allen Elementary

“Thank you so much for the laptops you donated to the teachers at San Bruno Park School District. Having the new laptop has been great for me and my students. I am now connected with my students in Zoom meetings, as well as with my school community….The laptop has helped me and my students during distance learning, hybrid learning and beyond!”

— Margarita Torres Gibson, Special Education, Belle Air Elementary

“Thank you to the San Bruno Community Foundation for providing teachers in San Bruno with new laptops. In this time of distance and hybrid learning, the laptops have provided an essential up-to-date tool for teaching our students. Data is more quickly accessible with the update, and new features are available, making it easier for teachers to engage students in substantive and collaborative work. I am loving having a new computer!”

— Teacher at John Muir Elementary

“The new laptops have been amazing. All my programs work better: Zoom, making lesson plans, editing videos. The speed and power are amazing. I can have multiple programs open at once. I can now use NearPod to open up student work and see what they’re working on while they’re working on it. Zoom doesn’t skip or break up anymore. I don’t think I could have done this job this year without the new laptop. I send my personal thanks to the Community Foundation. The laptop has made a big difference this year.”

— Van Roper, math teacher, 6th-8th grade, Parkside

“Thank you so much for the wonderful new laptops. Lately the district has been training us on giving students feedback. It is so great to be able to use the new laptops and the cool toolbars to provide emoji feedback my kindergarteners can read all by themselves!  For example: The bunny🐇 and the Creepy 🥕 Carrots were funny! ✍️Nice work 👍on your journal!😊

It is fast, doesn’t die, or give me the rainbow ‘circle of death’…..but honestly the kiddos 💟the emojis!”

— Karen Bryne, kindergarten, Portola Elementary

“The demands of virtual teaching are extensive and exhausting for both the participants and the technology; our old laptops simply couldn’t run the number of applications and devices necessary to conduct engaging lessons. These new laptops can handle the workload without the groaning, whirring, crashing, and spinning ‘wheel of death.’ They seamlessly switch between cameras, sharing video, and accommodating multiple tabs. We couldn’t have made it past winter break without them; thank you.”

— Amanda Kunze, Rollingwood Elementary