FAQ #10: How Does SBEF Support Teachers?

Time for more FAQs about the San Bruno Education Foundation: Teacher-Appreciation-Week edition!

FAQ #10: How does SBEF support our teachers?

Answer: SBEF loves our San Bruno teachers!

We are proud to sponsor technology and professional development opportunities for our District’s teachers.

Last year, SBEF received a generous $240,000 grant from the San Bruno Community Foundation to purchase new laptop computers for all teachers in the San Bruno Park School District.

These new laptops have been essential to helping teachers provide the best education possible for our students during distance learning. And as schools reopen, it’s important that our teachers have the most current technology to unlock the full potential of a 21st century education.

In previous years, we have supported numerous professional development opportunities focused on Next Generation Science Standards and STEM (Science, Technology Engineering & Math) training. 

Our teachers are the ultimate impact-makers for our school system. Beyond teaching our children the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their careers, they provide life lessons and help our kids grow into successful contributors to our community. SBEF recognizes that by supporting our teachers, we are strengthening our public schools.

Thank you for all you do, San Bruno teachers!