FAQ #9: How Does SBEF Support Remote Learning?

Time for more FAQs about the San Bruno Education Foundation!

FAQ #9: How does SBEF support remote learning?

Answer: When schools transitioned to distance learning last spring to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it became clear that students with no home internet or devices would get left behind.

To help close this digital divide in San Bruno, the San Bruno Education Foundation collaborated with local businesses, community organizations and government agencies to quickly raise $100,000 for equipment and internet service for these vulnerable students. Our partners for this Remote Learning Initiative include the City of San Bruno, San Bruno Park School District, YouTube, San Bruno Community Foundation, San Bruno Lions, San Bruno Rotary, San Bruno Police Association and San Bruno Fire Association. SBEF would also like to thank the many individuals from the community who donated to this effort.

SBEF also received a $240,000 grant from the San Bruno Community Foundation last spring, which allowed the San Bruno Park School District to provide new computers and professional development opportunities for all our teachers and staff for distance learning. 

While our Remote Learning Initiative has helped our most vulnerable students stay engaged with distance learning this year, SBEF recognizes that providing technology and internet access to our school families will become an ongoing effort. Our world is moving online, and classrooms are no different. As students return to in-person instruction, our families will still need online support for technology and internet access so no student gets left behind. Learn how you can help here